Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Newborn Pots

After unloading I spent an hour or so shooting, before the angle of the sun got too low for good light. Overall a good firing, with no disasters. Some of these pots will be heading for Kennebec River Artisans, some to Summer Island Studios, and some I will hang onto for Jay York to photograph. (Jay is an excellent photographer and an all-around good guy. His website, unfortunately, is confusing, slow, and too clever by half. But believe me if you use his services you won't be sorry.)

My intention is to start applying to fairs in this cycle and though my shots are adequate (most of them...) it's probably wiser to have a pro do take the shots for jurying. The early-deadline events I may have to either skip or take my chances with my own photos, as I have neither enough work or enough cash to hire Jay just yet.

Anyway. I am excited about this batch.
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