Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ready, Set, Unload!

Looks good so far! I used more soda this time, so things are a little juicier.

Still good...

Hey, whoa! Check out that bowl on the fourth layer. That started out as round as the one above it.

Holy Warpage, Batman!

That's what you get when you flatten Cone 11, I guess. Still, it's not the world's worst bowl. Here is is, unloaded.


Jenny said...

lovely, lovely! i'm really liking that polka dot mug with the turquoise lip... :)

always enjoyable to see a kiln reveal! thanks for the photos.

jenny @ blackstone pottery

Lori Buff said...

From the angle of the photo the warp on the bowl looks intentional. Hopefully it looks the same in person. The kiln load looks great, beautiful colors.

Unknown said...

they look great! I like the bowl with personality...definitely put it out there with intention~ someone will scoop it up and be thrilled to have it.