Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Goal Setting

  1. The soda fire workshop! I am so excited about this. There are a number of small things I need to take care of for this, so this first thing on my list is Make a List, of things to make up (all the glazes should be full , for example), things to type up (recipes, a rough firing schedule), things to link up (mapquests for participants, local accommodations), things to cook up (meals I can freeze, so I can offer something at least passable to participants, without cooking.)
  2. I plan to do two firings this month, in addition to the workshop. It looks like I will have enough stuff roll right into the next glaze firing without bisquing, although i still have to wor out whether that will get my October 22 order to its purchaser on time.
  3. In September, I had it on my list to get another consignment account. I've re-thought that, as I think the three (ish) accounts that I have are not yet at their potential; so I've decided to bring them more and better work, and see how that goes.
  4. This is all very dull and business-y. (Although oddly, I am finding that part fun, too, in a Sim City kind of way; that is another post.) However, I am still an artist and in that vein I have an idea for some sets - salt/ pepper, sugar/creamer, and cruets - involving dissimilar shapes that seem nevertheless to belong together.

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