Friday, October 28, 2011

I Did Not Know That: The Feldspar Edition

While mixing up test glazes, I came upon a recipe calling for G-200 Feldspar. Well, hmmm. I have Custer, a potash feldspar. I have Kona F-4, a soda feldspar. As far as I know, for our purposes, there are only potash and soda 'spars. Wrong! G-200 is 75% potash, and 25% soda feldspar. So, I should be able to achieve the same thing by substituting the appropriate proportions of Custer and Kona.

Thanks, Professor Google!

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barbaradonovan said...

Actually, you can sub G-200 directly for Custer in most glazes without noticeable difference so you might try that first.

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