Monday, October 3, 2011

Glazes to Try

...via Vince Pitelka:

Killer Tomato Red
Kona F-4 48.2
Flint 25.9
Bone Ash 11.6
EPK 7.1
Magnesium Carb. 7.1
+ Red Iron Oxide 7.1%

Caramel Yellow
Neph Sye 19.0
Flint 17.9
Spodumene 17.8
Dolomite 16.9
G-200 14.3
EPK 14.3
+ Titanium Diox. 8%
Honey Luster
G-200 Feldspar 40.9
Flint 19.1
Talc 14.0
Gerstley Borate 11.5
Dolomite 7.3
Ball Clay 7.2
+ Mang. Dioxide 8%

That last one sounds like an exterior-only glaze.

Also, is it just coincidence that all of the glazes from the list that got my attention have food references in the name? I must be getting hungry!

And thanks, Vince, for publishing these; and thanks to other potters who do the same. I've always thought it completely silly when potters get all possessive about their glaze recipes; as though bodies of work might become indistinguishable if someone uses your glazes! Painters don't do that: "Oh, I've got my special blue, and no one can use my blue except me." I often find glazes online, and almost always alter them to work in my kiln, and when I do, I am more than pleased if someone else can use the recipe. either as-is or with their own alterations. In this way, we all benefit.

Not sure how these will play in the soda atmosphere...but I can think of a good way to find out!
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