Thursday, March 28, 2019

NCECA notes: Building a Marketing Funnel - Paul Blais

"Using social media to funnel customers to the checkout"
In spite of my somewhat snarky commentary, I found this talk the most useful thing I attended at this conference so far!
oh wait i know this guy, he's the potter's cast guy
Topics: marketing & social media
Picking up where the art degree ends - figuring out the business part of being an artist
 yeah this is right up my alley
Instagram, how do you translate it into sales?

  • New world? 30% of sm businesses still don't have a website, but practically all artists do. If you're selling, you are a business. 
    • Business 
    • People are on the web. 89% of Americans are online. Spend 24 hr a week online. 
    • Money Retail sales online in trillions "The spout where the money comes out"
    • If you build it they won't come unless you bring them there
  • Social Media strategy
    • You can be hyper specific: gender, age range, zip code,interests - okay but HOW Paul
    • Can be location independent OKAY BUT HOW PAUL 
    • We build community
      • Access - to you, your audience, to your field
      • Community: talk to each other, learn the needs, foster belonging
      • Learn the needs: figure out what someone wants & needs in order to sell to them
      • Foster sense of belonging - concept of branding. We can start to cultivate w soc media
      • 3 rules*: 
        • Don't be stupid
        • Don't be boring
        • Don't be a jerk
          • Suggestion: engage jerks, turn relationship around. Doesn't always work. Or at least, you don't be a jerk, even if they are. 
        • Growing followers:
          • All of social media is about being social. Ask questions, reply to other people's posts
          • Giveaways & contests - ask people to follow you to win. 
      • Knowing what's up - why do people go on social media
        • FB to check in w friends
        • LinkedIn - checking opportunities
        • Pinterest - inspiration
        • Checking out
        • Twitter - what's happening in the world
        • YouTube - check all the boxes
      • How long does content last? 
        • Twitter 19 minutes
        • FB - 5 hours
        • insta 21 hours
        • Linked 24 hours
        • Youtube 20+ days
        • Pinterest - 4 months (frm personal experience - sometimes much longer! I get visits from Pinterest to posts I made years ago. )
      • What to do
        • Twitter: think news, schedule your use
        • FB Think Me & you, engage, pics & videos
        • Insta: eye candy. participation is big, time your posts (every 2 hours? yeahno, not doing that) Google when's the best time
        • LinkedIn Think "work", Career angles
        • YouTube: Education & entertainment, be concise, title it well
        • Pinterest: inspiration, Double-dip IFTTT, you can change link destination to sales page
        • Hashtags: think findable, unique matters, Don't cluttery, put hashtags AFTER the post
      • Your website
        • Best social media! wait what
          • It's your property, your rules
          • Powerful? (hmm) 
          • What is the purpose
            • Communicate
            • Connect
            • Collect
            • Commerce
  • The Funnel 
    • Conversion - moving person into an action
      • Ask + do = conversion
        • Convey: tell them what your product is about & what you have for them
        • Convert: become a follower or a buyer
        • Continue
      • Customer
        • Attracted
        • Award (with email address, sale, purchase...)
        • Await what you do next
      • Convey & Convert is a lot of work, continue is easier. 
    • Building the funnel
      • Know who you are talking to
        • Hashtags
          • Don't just use clay-related :#iwantthis #coffeeshops, etc, to find audience
          • What are you specifically asking people to do?
            • Ask explicitly for comments or likes. (I'm from Maine, I'm probably not gonna do that)
            • A specific goal in evey post
              • New followers
          • The Bio is important, apparently. Make sure website link is in the bio
        • Your website is the hub. The goal of social media is to get them to your website. Get them onto our email list. 
    • Separate personal & business accts? Maybe, not nec
    • Don't use Etsy! You are building Etsy's business, not yours. 
    • The more engagement, the more people will see a post
    • reaching other than potters: interior decorators, gardeners, cooks
*Am I wrong or are these rules super obvious? "Oh, don't be boring, what a great idea, I never would have thought of that" "Don't be stupid? Damn it, I've been doing this all wrong."


Susan O’Hanlon said...

Love living NCECA vicariously through you! Thanks for posting!

Barbara Rogers said...

Great I read your blog frequently but haven't commented often. Thanks for sharing this (and other) useful info! Have a great NCECA!

Lori Watts said...

Thanks, friends! Looking forward to what today brings. I took some photos last night at a couple of shows, will post those later.