Saturday, March 23, 2019

Maine Pottery Tour!

March is when my work organizing the Maine Pottery Tour really ramps up. Some of it is tedious - writing press releases, sending emails nagging potters for money or photos - but some is really fun! For example, I love making the postcards each year.

Just finished the image for 2019! Now I need to write the blurb for the back (probably just a minor re-work of what I wrote last year), figure out how many we need, and place the order. All that takes longer than it should (doesn't everything?) but I expect cards to be in mailboxes by mid-April. Or maybe there's a marketing person out there who cold tell me: is it better to wait? If they arrive too early, people will forget. If they arrive too late, people won't have time to plan. So: what's the optimum time for an announcement of an event to arrive via snail mail? A week before? Two weeks before?
In addition to the postcards, press releases, and our usual social media blitz, this year we have a sponsorship campaign on Maine Public Radio. Beginning in mid-April, we will have 18 spots on various Maine Public & Maine Public Classical programs. My thinking is, we need to reach people who are not already connected with one of the studios on the tour.

If you'd like to be on the mailing list - snail- or e-  - shoot me an email at

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