Monday, March 25, 2019

Minneapolis in the Early Spring

What to pack? Probably not sunscreen, I guess.

Checking the 10-day forecast, I see it's predicted to be well above freezing, and cloudy, during the NCECA conference, parka necessary, either.

I don't fly. I mean, I don't not fly, either; it's just, this is only the second time in the last 20 years that I'll be getting on a plane, so the rules and rituals associated with it seem arcane to me. I have to get to the airport two hours early? So, at 3:45 AM? I have to pay to check a bag - super inconvenient but tons of space in the plane- but can carry one on for free - super convenient, but very limited space on the plane - how does that make sense? I can bring shampoo, but only in particular-sized bottles, gotta go look up how small the bottles need to be...

Speaking of carry-on bags: the rules say 45 linear inches, which, if I am reading them correctly (BIG IF HERE) means I add the measurements in each dimension & it has to add up to 45 inches or less. This suitcase measures 22 x 13 x 9, so 44. Will that gormy* thing fit in the overhead compartment? The airline says so, it must be so.

Mustn't forget to pack my contribution to NCECA's fundraiser cup sale! Just got it out of the kiln at Portland Pottery this morning:
Actually it's not all that hard being green, Kermit
If you won't be at the conference but you really like this mug, you can also get one in my online shop, while they last. 🙂

*A Maine word meaning clumsy or ungainly, or awkward-because-oversized.

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