Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mugs and Minis to the Rescue

I got chatting with a far-off potter online yesterday, while I was waiting for my kiln to cool. Foolishly, I said it had been years since I needed a trash can nearby while I unloaded. I forgot about the demons! The five demons devoted to the tormenting of potters. One of them must have heard me, because this was a moderately crappy firing, and some pots were fit for nothing but the bin.
There's no saving these losers. 

Eh. It happens. But the kiln gods also giveth, even as they taketh away: the items I really needed - mugs for the upcoming Mug Season event - those were fine. More than fine, those were beautiful!
For now these are only available at Mug Season coffee shops. :)
Here are a few of them . Another blessing? I had enough good mini vases alone to pay for the propane. A third: most of the unhappy pots can be refired. It was a pretty windy day, the day I fired the kiln, and I think the wind sucked the soda vapor out of the kiln too quickly for it to really circulate around well. As a result, some of the pots had one juicy side, and one quite dry.

I spent the afternoon photographing the pots that were not immediately needed elsewhere, and posting them to the shop. Got a couple new bargain  demo pots, too. Check it out here! Remember to scroll down for the 2nds & Demos section.

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