Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday was our first day back to classes at Portland Pottery! Every year, in December, I am sooooo ready for a break, and every year in January I am soooooo excited to be back.I have five classes this session: a handbuilding class, beginning wheel, intermediate/advanced wheel, and a couple of mixed-skill level classes. I was going to Instagram some student projects via my new toy but I found I didn't like to interrupt the flow of class.

Today I will also be teaching classes but this morning I am working on rebuilding part of my website. In December I pulled the shopping page, because I needed the inventory for real-world sales, but it left my site with few images of ware. I still don't have enough inventory to rebuild the store, but I am creating a gallery of "archived" images - pots that are already sold, but give visitors an idea what I make. I will eventually have pots for sale online again - thinking about building a Square store for that. UPDATE: Check out the gallery page here.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow I am thinking I will visit Bethel, Maine, home of Sunday River ski resort, and also of a store which has asked to carry my work. It's a bit of a drive and I am hesitant to do consignment at distance, so I want to have a look before I decide. The advantage here would be the ski resort: it means that this store would have a winter sales season. Sure would be nice to get some checks coming in February and March!

Hopefully I will have some studio time Wednesday night, because I am still aiming to fire end of January/early February.

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