Saturday, January 17, 2015

Coming Soon: March, April, & May

Every year - in April, right after the end of the NCECA conference - I vow I will make it to next year's conference, come hell or high water. And then next year rolls around, and money or logistics (just kidding, really it's always money) prevent me from attending.

March looks ALOT closer on this side of the holidays (as do April and May!) and now is the time I would usually be deciding that, alas, it's Just Not Going To Happen. However! NCECA is in Providence, RI this year - a mere 3 1/2 hours from here. I am slightly less broke than in past years...all the stars are aligning! Looks like I will finally make it to a conference.

Thinking I was ahead of the curve, I went to the website to register and found I was half right. Though plenty early to receive the advance discount, all of the hotels near the conference are booked up! Kind of bummed about that, as it's fun to have a room right in the heart of things, but it may still turn out that way; it's possible someone I know booked a quad with the expectation of sharing. Or it might be time to learn how Expedia and Priceline and AirBnB work. Or, I dunno, sleep in my car! (Wouldn't be the first time but also wouldn't be my first choice.)

Point is, one way or another, I am going to NCECA. See you in Providence!


Linda Starr said...

ask on fb clay buddies group or nceca group to share with someone, sleepng in your car nowadays just isn't safe and not too comfortable either

Faerie-Dancer said...

You can try calling the hotels for cancelled rooms too. I don't know if they re-book those automatically or hold them.

I know a room at Hotel Providence Biltmore should be opening up Monday.

smartcat said...

Now is the time I am wishing to have a house that is bigger than a postage stamp!
I've decided that either driving or taking the train is going to be the way for me. I live less than an hour away!
See you there?

Lori Watts said...

Yes! See you there!