Thursday, June 19, 2014

Go-To Pots

Do you have certain pots that you automatically reach for, for certain uses? I mean, I guess everyone has a go-to coffee mug. (Oh, wait, re-read that sentence...No, most people probably grab whatever mug is nearest. Cretins. KIDDING, I'm kidding!)


I have a go-to mug, though it changes every couple of weeks. I have a go-to plate; it also changes, though less frequently. Having a go-to doesn't mean you don't use the others; my go-to plate is too small for some meals, so in those cases I choose another. It's just the one you reach for first.

This is my go-to vase. I do think different flowers demand different vase shapes and surfaces, but this one works with a great variety of blooms. I love the rustic, wood-fired surface next to the delicate floral shapes. The neck is just narrow enough to hug the stems of a small bouquet, and the belly wide enough to allow them to spread into a pretty arrangement.
The flowers all came from my garden! Irises, peonies, fleabane, and Snow-on-the-mountain.

Tim Cichocki, a dear friend and fellow Mainiac, made this vase in his Groundhog kiln in Norridgewock, Maine.
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