Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vivika's Strawberry

Vivika’s Strawberry (^10)
15.93 Gerstley Borate
9.63 Dolomite
2.77 Whiting
44.06 Custer Feldspar
1.84 EPK/Kaolin
27.7 Flint
3.07 Tin Oxide
1.02 Copper Carbonate

I've been looking for this glaze for a long while - years. I used to use it, then I lost it, then I found it again, then I lost it, and no amount of Google-fu would bring it back to me. Well, my student and friend Joanna Skolfield of Blarney Stone Pottery located it for me; her google-fu may be better than mine, but in my defense, it was posted only three months ago - long aftr I gave up looking. She found it at the Glazebook Tumblr, which you should check out.  

It may not be well-suited for soda but it is that rarity: a true pink in ^10 reduction - but only on white claybodies, and not all of them. I will add it to the growing list of glaze conversions to ^6, but here it is in its original form for all of you, and so that I will never lose it again.
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