Wednesday, February 9, 2011


w00t! My new triple beam scale arrived today! Time to mix the glazes! I am not normally a big fan of glaze preparation -- ranks right up there with sales calls in my unfavorite pottery-related activities -- but I can get in a mood for it, and then, watch me go. I know it's time to change up my glazes when I feel no urgency to get the kiln open. That hasn't happened lately, of course, due to the suspense related to how the kiln performed; but a new kiln seems to call for a new glaze vocabulary.

My glaze mixing area is ourside in an ancient shed, because while my studio could be organized more efficently to accomodate it, I didn't really want all the muss and dust in the house. Silicosis and all that, ya know. So it's dark and grim, not to mention cold. But I've got my anticipation to keep me warm. 

Has anyone out there in TVlandhave a shino that works well in soda? My efforts along those lines have not gone well, coming out oatmeally and pale. I have one that claims to be for soda & will try it out but would love it if soemone would share one they could vouch for. 

Anyblah. Glaze mixing (and a trip to INFAB for a few more brick) tomorrow, glazing Friday, (gallery-sitting Saturday, unfortunately) and FIRING SUNDAY!!!!

Pics next Thursday. XO

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