Sunday, June 20, 2010

Take a Header

The header row is a row of straights. Get it? Header-row? Hetero? Come on! That was funny. Oh. Heard it?

Anyway. The hricks in the header run perpendictular to the line of the wall, to tie the two walls together and thereby strengthen them. One should really place a header every fifth row, but because there were some many cuts, seams, and related goofiness on the rows containing the various ports, I wanted at least one solid row before the header, or it can't do its good work. In my case, because this will be a soda kiln when it grows up, everything on the hot face must be hard brick, so excepting the corners, the entire header is hard.

Reaching the header is a kind of milestone, and depending on the weather, I am inclined to take the day off and do some gardening; my other passion for which I have had precious little time. The next post might be of the see-what's-blooming variety. 

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Unknown said...

Fantastic and Congratulations!! I hope you took a nice break for yourself. I love checking in on Mondays to see what you have accomplished during the week.