Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm on Track... be the largest Etsy seller ever. At least, side-to-side.

I confess I recycled this joke from a comment on the Etsy forums, but it's so true! All this online promoting (previously known as "noodling around wasting time") has me sitting at my computer (ironically, on an exercise ball) so much I've probably put on five pounds in the last month. Too much of a good thing.


Unknown said...

LMAO... sounds awfully familiar. :D


Al said...

And if I was logged in to my own account (and not my hubby's) everything would be so much easier. LOL


Linda Starr said...

Oops, if my hubby walks by he says to me "get off the computer". he he. It is kind of addicting, but much better than TV I think.

Lori Watts said...

Linda, I agree, WAY better than TV, because it is al least mentally active. I spend to much time online, but I am accomplishing something. (lather, rinse, repeat.)