Thursday, April 23, 2009

100 Mugs

Three days 'til set-up, five days 'til the opening. I still have to:

  • Price & pack pots;
  • Make up a table sign thanking Canteen for donating the coffee;
  • June's suggestion: a sign clarifying the concept. Some people may not realize the mugs are for sale!

One thing I didn't have to worry about was the mugs looking too diverse; turns out, no matter what I do, I don't stop being me. 


Anonymous said...

diversity is a good thing... nice to have so many cups.

Linda Starr said...

What a wonderful sight, you must be so proud, have a wonderful show and sale.

McAuley - International said...
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Lori Watts said...

To answer a couple fo questions I've received -- Yes, we will stay later than noon, if there are still people there. I've got class to teach @ six, so I'd need to start packing up by...I don't know...three? i can't imagine we'll have a crowd for coffee until three.