Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surface Testing

I am mixing up a new glaze and a new terra sigillata today, to test in the firing scheduled to load 3/19. Gotta have some new surfaces for those 100 mugs!

Wax White Glaze

41   Custer Spar

12   Gerstley Borate

  7   Dolomite

15   Talc

  5   Tennesee Ball Clay

20   Silica

Add: Zircopax, 5%

Lipton Terra Sig

This came from Jeff Lipton, a winter resident at the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts. 

1300 Ball Clay

  200 Red Art

Jeff suggested 14 cups of water, but that seemed too thick to me. I've always applied sig in a very thin layer. So, I almost doubled the water. I may live to regret that

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