Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rivers of Glaze

Sometimes pots turn out pretty much like I planned. Sometimes, not so much! In this case the kiln seemed to have ideas of its own:
$36 - Click here for purchase information

It's a very nice mug in the hand, too - an intriguing landscape of impressed hearts for fingers to explore.
"Not what I expected" is sometimes better than I expected!

UPDATE: This mug sold within an hour of posting! 😊😊😊


Linda Starr said...

whatever I like less in my kiln sells first every time. ha, love the rivers flowing

Lori Watts said...

Another one of these very juicy pots from the very juicy firing sold from a Facebook post, before I could even post it here! Could have sold a third one (might still, tomorrow) but I ran out of daylight to photograph them. Kind of surprised because usually online isn't much of a venue for me, the real world works much better.

Maybe that's changing? I hope so, online sales have so much less overhead.

in other news, the Squared Up site is making me pull my hair out of my head because it's so confusing. Not for shoppers, but for admins. Not sure the lower fees are worth the headache.