Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Notes of a Mundane Nature

I almost typed "Notes of a Mudane Nature," which would have been sort of appropriate.

After much rumination ('cause that's what I do), I have started using SquaredUp as my retail page. I like the look of the custom-built shopping page better but it's so much quicker to just upload photos & write descriptions to the pre-made store that I went with that, for now. I've got enough on my to-do list without always doing everything the hard way. I went for months with nothing in the online store because I couldn't find the time to do it all.
I do still find SquaredUp confusing from the admin point of view (there's the admin page, and the editor page, and the dashboard page...which all do different things...OTOH you can easily create discount codes, which is a thing I wanted to do but couldn't through my paypal links. Here, I'll go ahead & do one for you guys: type in BLOG BUDDY in the promo code box if you make a purchase, and get 10% off!)  It's very easy to shop from, and - for no reason that I can see - my sales have been better than when I was custom building each page. There's more than one factor involved there, to be sure - this was after the long spell of nothing available online, so there may have been some pent-up demand; I think I got better at writing descriptions; my Facebook and Twitter audiences are larger; and so on. So I can't say SquaredUp is necessarily the cause of the improvement, but I am feeling a little bit superstitious about it now.

Even though I know superstition is bullshit.

[knocks wood.]

Now I just have to track down everywhere that I have a link to my shopping page and make sure to replace it with the new link.

Other notes:

It's spring, going into summer, which means I have a little more money than I sometimes do, which unfortunately does not mean I will be eating fancy chow and drinking fancy wine, or even buying a cool pair of steampunk boots. Lumber for new raised beds in the garden and an upcycled-bureau-turned-kitchen-island are more likely. In addition, some less exciting purchases are in my near future, it seems:

Thing one: Boxes, packing peanuts, newsprint and rolls of corrugated cardboard. I've located a new supplier to replace Uline, and they are local! Local is always a plus. I need to top up packing materials. EAB, Inc is located in Lewiston, about 5 miles from INFAB Refractories, where I get brick inswool and refractory cement for kiln maintenance. Which brings us to thing two: I probably need to get some wool, and some softbrick to spiffy up the kiln a bit, tighten the door and the spies, etc.

Thing three: This damn burner.

Would you look at that crack? How does that even happen, unless being a million years old is cause enough? Obviously all firing is off until I get this fixed. I've got a call into a welder near me, he has to look at it to know if he can fix it, if not, a new burner sleeve is on my shopping list. 😕 I'd much rather have a pair of steampunk boots.

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