Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where Shall We Go For St. Pat's? KC Irish Bars

Some of you may know that my brother and sister-in-law are musicians, specializing in Irish music. As a result, St. Patrick's is my favorite holiday! I am not much of a drinker but I do imbibe a bit at their shows, just enough to not feel self-conscious pretending I know how to step-dance. This year they will be at RiRa, one of Portland's best Irish pubs, from 10-5.( I will have to miss, it, of course, as I'll be at NCECA, but that doesn't mean you have to.)

It's not the same hearing me own flesh & blood, o' course, but there are - surprise!* - Irish bars in Kansas City. Here are a few:

The Dubliner - 170 East 14th Street at Power & Light
O'Dowd's Little Dublin  - 4742 Pennsylvania Ave
Kelly's Westport Inn - 500 Westport Rd

I do have an invite to the Skutt party, repping for Portland Pottery, so I'll stop in there first. It'll be right after my demo (whichisat4pmintheprocessroomincaseyouforgot!!) so I'll be either giddy with relief or drowning my shame (let's hope for Option A.) After that, I'll be looking for Celtic revelry!

*Not really a surprise!
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