Saturday, January 23, 2016

Serenit-Tea Now!

Serenit-Tea Soap

I remember when January was a sleepy time for me... what happened to that? Well, I guess it's better as a business person to trade your slow times for business, or busy-ness. I've got a firing coming up (which was supposed to happen tomorrow, but yeahno), plane tickets to purchase, classes to teach, the pottery tour to prepare for, mug season with CMCA coming up, and - drum roll please - I'm launching an Etsy store for soap on February 1. Oh, wait, I already announced that! Anyway, I am photographing the soaps for that.

The one above is called Sereni-Tea, and has a lovely relaxing scent of bamboo and white tea, with some floral notes. It's a very light scent, which doesn't cling. It's on the curing rack now, and should be ready to use by the store's grand opening.

Off to do some glazing! If you are in the blizzard affected areas, be safe! Stay home & make stuff.

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