Sunday, January 26, 2014

Whoa, Curve Ball!

Bustier baskets are some of the higher-end, more labor intensive pieces I can work on in the bleak mid-winter, when no one is waiting on orders. I like the baskets, they are fun and somewhat figurative without being overly literal. Here's a typical bustier basket from last year.:

I threw some larger items yesterday, and started the altering and decorating this afternoon. I was a little dissatisfied with the one I'm currently working on - thought it was blocky and ungraceful -  but I also know the ones you don't love are great chances to try new things- you already don't like it, right? Nothing to lose. Here's how it looked right off the wheel:
I started by cutting the overly-wide rim. Then bending it, then cutting a dart from the waist to interrupt the symmetry that was reading so static and dead.  Then I stretched the bottom a bit...and it started to be something I'd never envisioned:

Still needs lots of work, of course: a handle, some sprigs, and hours of slip trailing. But I am delighted with its transformation, and the way that clay can still surprise me.
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