Sunday, January 26, 2014

Whoa, Curve Ball!

Bustier baskets are some of the higher-end, more labor intensive pieces I can work on in the bleak mid-winter, when no one is waiting on orders. I like the baskets, they are fun and somewhat figurative without being overly literal. Here's a typical bustier basket from last year.:

I threw some larger items yesterday, and started the altering and decorating this afternoon. I was a little dissatisfied with the one I'm currently working on - thought it was blocky and ungraceful -  but I also know the ones you don't love are great chances to try new things- you already don't like it, right? Nothing to lose. Here's how it looked right off the wheel:
I started by cutting the overly-wide rim. Then bending it, then cutting a dart from the waist to interrupt the symmetry that was reading so static and dead.  Then I stretched the bottom a bit...and it started to be something I'd never envisioned:

Still needs lots of work, of course: a handle, some sprigs, and hours of slip trailing. But I am delighted with its transformation, and the way that clay can still surprise me.


Dharsi said...

I'm so glad you are back!

Liberty Stoneware said...

Thanks for the post, the movement in this form is really inspirational! I'm never usually satisfied when I try to alter something, but I may have to use your recommendation of "the ones you don't love are great chances to try new things"!

I think your new piece has a resemblance to Marilyn Monroe's dress in the wind, just upside down! I really enjoy how it sweeps to one side!

Unknown said...

There is a lot of freedom in not having to worry about messing a piece up cause its already destined for reclaim. My favorite Chinese proverb: "When you make a mistake, follow it through," Love the curves in your bustier baskets and your new piece.