Sunday, January 12, 2014

Whatcha Doin'?

As in previous years, I am using the relative freedom of January to work on some larger pieces. No one is waiting for orders or needing empty shelves filled in post haste, so I can take all the time I want with the stamps and slip bottles.

Also, the seed catalogs have arrived, sweet harbingers of spring, and my mind has leapt forward to the Maine Pottery Tour, which this year will be on the first weekend in May. I've got such a backlog of demo pots and minor seconds that I'm thinking to use the tour as a humongo-ginormous studio clearing sale. It's either that or Hammer Party, or possibly both, the one following the other.

Also, briefly, thanks muchly for all the kind inquiries which followed my post about depression. This could easily become the all-depression-all-the-time blog if I let it - and wouldn't that be a treat - but suffice it for now to say that I am functional, some days better than others. I have ideas for more informative blog posts - demos, videos, etc. - but those are still a little too daunting to tackle. For now, I am working, which is always a good sign. I'm also lurking on all of your blogs, which helps me feel connected.

A few more pots in progress:

How are you spending your January freedom?

PS. I could have sworn I'd already done a photo tutorial a couple of years ago on the Jaunty Jars - the ones with the tipsy lids. But I can't find it, so maybe I just thought so much about it I convinced myself I'd already done it. Anyway. It's on the list. 
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