Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Silvery Lining

Whenever I am not in the studio, I keep it closed off to save on heating bills. Those are particularly brutal this winter, what with the polar vortex and whatnot; today was in the single digits. Not delightful, by any stretch, but look at the beautiful frost paintings on my windows!

It's not cold enough - quite - to freeze my clay, fortunately.  I really hate when the clay freezes, it's goopy and wet on the outside of the block and too dry in the middle, and needs to be wedged pretty much forever before it's ready to use. Sometimes I just write the date on it and come back to it in a few months, when the moisture will have migrated back to where it belongs.

 Anyway! No such misfortune today. Today I am trimming casseroles and thinking, funnily enough, of ice cream bowls.

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Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

That Jack Frost... he's a busy guy.
I've been patiently working through my clay that froze a couple weeks ago when my studio door was open through a -20F night. Not a fan of clay reconditioning. But also too lazy to go buy some new clay and let this stuff set. Maybe tomorrow. :-)

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