Saturday, February 23, 2013

"You Gotta Make Jewelry"

I've been meaning to add jewelry items to my line for a while. Many potters have told me, "You gotta make jewelry!" as it utilizes the small spaces in the kiln and, for whatever reason, more people will pay for bodily ornamentation than for utilitarian items.

I wasn't resisting, exactly, but I really wanted it to be simple, and it seemed like all of the good simple designs were already in use (like this one, and this one.) I have no doubt that someone is already making one like this somewhere, too, but I haven't seen it, sooo...
Anyway! Finally I am in the jewelry business.
The pendant is about 1.25" of soda-fired porcelain, on an 18" brown leather cord, with lobster clasp and a 2" extender. I got about 5 out of the firing that were this bright, peachy orange; the others range from cream to black, many with mottlings of peach or silver. I am offering them for $18, which seems to be in the neighborhood of what others are asking. (Want one? ) Whaddaya think? 
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