Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Keep Sharing Such Pretty Post Like This"

"I love to read more of this. Keep up." 

The spambots are stepping on my last nerve. Always some vague ungrammatical comment, with a website link. If it gets any worse, I'm going to reinstate Google's Captcha comment-verifier. Sorry, I know people hate it, but I can't make a part-time job of deleting auto-comments.


barbaradonovan said...

ah yes. my most devoted visitors are z0mbie$tats and ad$ensewatchd0g

Luckily they haven't started commenting yet.

Barbara Rogers said...

It's still a good thing that the grammar is so terrible, not to mention spelling (oops, I might get tossed that way.) Do you accept anonymous comments? I'm now blocking all of them. Hope none of my friends mind. I hate VR! Just plain don't have the eyesight to see what those drat numbers are.

Lori Watts said...

The spam comments are never anonymous, so that wouldn't help, unfortunately. I wish Google would get the common-sense question type of verification: Which is bigger, Paris or a breadbox?

Lori Buff said...

I've been getting a lot of spam comments also but I know going to a captia would prevent people like Barb to comment. What to do? Wordpress has the option of a math question verification. Why can't google? Someone needs to make a gadget.
I moderate my comments but clicking the "Mark as Spam" button does no good in preventing more from the same spammer. It's maddening.

Mellisa said...

Oh goodness, a math verification question is my worst nightmare :) My blog has been a spam fest lately too...kind of depressing when I delete more spam comments than real ones!