Friday, February 15, 2013

Firing Feb 17th

I had planned on firing today but that just didn't happen, so I am moving the firing to Sunday. This should be interesting, as we have company this weekend, and me being busy with the firing will mean most of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning for our visitors will fall to Doug. Well, not most: part of the reason I had to put off the firing was making some of these preparations. I hate to de-prioritize firing but I just can't bring myself to welcome guests with a dirty house and no food.

Anyway! Here are two pieces that will be in this load that I am very excited about! I think of them as the bustiers. The resemblance to lingerie was accidental on the first piece, but once I recognized it, I made the second more deliberately. I didn't want to get too literal about it, but I couldn't resist the stripes.
I hope to post some images of the fired work on Wednesday or Thursday. Stay tuned!

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claydancer said...

Cute baskets. I like the design.

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