Friday, October 12, 2012


Website work is like glazing; I don't look forward to it but once I start, I can get into it. I had a number of things on my list to do while the bisque kiln was firing: things like "Clean up studio" and "Mix glazes;" but instead I edited photos and posted new items to the website.

In particular, I added a few items to the Bargains page. I did and do have some doubts about the Bargains page in the first place.  Items on that page are one-offs, so the time-cost of building the page for each -about a half-hour - doesn't get spread over several transactions, and they are inexpensive pieces (Thanks, Captain Obvious! We wondered why they were called "bargains") so there isn't much pay-off for the investment of time.

However. I have a lot of "seconds" - mostly items that are outside of my current body of work, either because they were class demos, or because they date from before I built the kiln and everything changed. In a few cases they have a flaw which is so minor I hardly count it. In good weather I sell some from my front yard, but I make too many, between minor flaws and class demos - plus I have years of supply built up - for that venue to make much of a dent. It seems a shame not to monetize them in some way, even if it is not the most efficient use of my time. And on a chilly, rainy day when I didn't really feel like mixing glazes anyway? Better to do website work than just noodle around on Pinterest.

Anyway. Check it out if you are just noodling around yourself. :)

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Quietly Otaku said...

I sometimes feel a little conflicted about selling seconds, I always hope they'll be just as loved by the recipient as a 'first'