Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things I Might Forget, That I Mustn't Forget

    Six days now, before the Maine Pottery Tour. I have that too-many-balls-in-the-air feeling, like I am going to forget something...and I probably am going to forget something; the best I can hope for is that it not be anything crucial. Toward that end, a list! In no particular order, the things I know I need to get done by next Saturday:
    1. Build and paint [done] sign.
    2. Get change.
    3. Grind [done], sort, and price pots.
    4. Get annual plants for the deck hangers. - done
    5. Restart my Paypal professional account, so I can take credit cards.  
    6. Clean up deck and yard
    7. Figure out tables, crates, other display items.
    8. Get guestbook - this one needs some explaining. We are putting the names of everyone who visits all five studios into a drawing to win one of 5 prizes, so I have to have some way to record the names. A guestbook looks so much nicer than, say, the back of an envelope. 
    9. Clean up studio
    10. Get bags and packing material
    11. Bring wheel outside (Saturday AM.) I am planning to offer demos every hour - educational event, see? - which will work better if the wheel is outside.
    I've highlighted the ones that absolutely must happen; if I'm gonna forget anything, I'll try to make it one of the other items.  Or that other thing, the one I haven't thought of yet.
    To make matters worse - what was I thinking? - I offered to host my family's Mother's Day gathering on Sunday. Actually I know what I was thinking: my location is really the best for everyone to travel to - my godmother would have to drive more than two hours if we hosted it at one of the other sibs house; not to mention  that i have to be here, because of the sale. It'll be fine - I'm sure it will - maybe it'll even be fun. But it generates its own list:

    1. Clean Red's tank. Red is a turtle, a red-eared slider to be specific, and he is a big hit with my little nephew, so I want to tank to be free enough of algae that Red can see and be seen. 
    2. Meal planning and shopping: it's nothing fancy, but I do need to get ground beef, hot dogs, buns, chips, etc., and then make them into something a person might want to eat.
    3. Get Mother's Day cards!! This is on everybody's list, I suppose. 
    4. Get more deck chairs. I lost a couple to winter, and one to a fit of pique.
    The kiln is firing now - a bit behind, as much of the morning was spent burning off a lot of moisture: I'd forgotten to cover the door bricks with a tarp, and they were well and truly sodden. So I'm in the long climb between 05 and Cone 8, during which nothing much happens.
    I may try to catch a nap.

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