Thursday, May 3, 2012

OMG Nine Days Until the Tour!

It's funny how you can be just tooling along, thinking you've got everything under control, and then a new month comes along - why, hello, May! - and with it the realization that what was weeks away is now mere days. Case in point: the Maine Pottery Tour.

Until today, I was still thinking I might be able to fit in two glaze firings before the tour opens, a week from Saturday Yeah, no, that's not gonna happen. I can still get one in, though; it will unload next Wednesday.  I've spent most of today distributing flyers and hanging posters, and creating a Facebook page to advertise the tour. I think maybe I've done all I can to promote; I am flat out of ideas. Time to focus on glazing and firing, so I can have something to sell to all those people I have hopefully persuaded to come visit.
So, for the last time until the next time, it's:

  •  Saturday May 12th, 10-6
  • Sunday, May 13th, 11-4
All the info about participating studios, as well as addresses, phone numbers, and a printable map is here. I better go glaze.


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

It's amazing how these things sneak up on ya isn't it??
Good luck.

Michelle in Saskatoon said...

Yeah, good luck on the glazing, it seems like you just unloaded one... And I hope you sell a lot of pots during the tour!