Sunday, May 6, 2012

Leftovers and Do-Overs

If there is any magic in moonlight, this load is imbued: I loaded and candled the kiln by the light of the supermoon, 16% brighter than other full moons.

You know how you can always get more pots into a bisque than you can into a glaze, and how those leftover pots stack up? and then, every firing, there are a few refires. It's those pots - the leftovers and the do-overs - that are filling up this load, which is how I can fire so soon on the heels of the last one.
Actually I had plenty of leftovers this time, too, so I'm halfway to the next load.

Here is my favorite moon-related poem:

Song for Ishtar 

By Denise Levertov 

The moon is a sow and grunts in my throat
 Her great shining shines through me
so the mud of my hollow gleams   
and breaks in silver bubbles

She is a sow
and I a pig and a poet

When she opens her white   
lips to devour me I bite back   
and laughter rocks the moon

In the black of desire
we rock and grunt, grunt and   

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