Sunday, September 26, 2010


I would do the happy dance, but I am too tired. The kiln is done! Well, sort of. The door blocks are cast, and it will take them a few weeks (!) to dry, and then they will need to be fired ever-so-slowly; but as far as work, there is nothing left for me to do. That feels really weird. I keep thinking I should be doing something, but there's no work to be done.

Sure, I could tweak a few things. The stack could be a foot higher, and it could use an angle iron frame; but those aren't things that really need doing before the first bisque.

I will be posting an entry about the process of casting the blocks soon. That was the only part for which I had never even been present when someone else was doing it, during my prior kiln-building experiences, so I was flying blind but I think I got it sorted out okay. (We'll see. If I didn't, I'll show you that, too.) And thanks to a site called Lulu, I am publishing a book about this project. But mostly I will be spending the three-week drying time making pots to fill this kiln. Not today, though. Today I am gallery-sitting, and resting on my laurels. Laurels decay rapidly, but they sure are comfy while they last.

Cheers! Thanks for tagging along.


Linda Starr said...

congrats on a long job well done.

WNC Bloggers said...

A very well taught blog! Keep it up