Friday, January 29, 2010

Just for Fun

Who even knew they still sold alphabet pasta? Does anybody actually prepare and eat alphabet pasta? I thought of a better use for it.

(And, yes, I do have any order I am supposed to be working on. Gimme a break. The muse is perverse, and presents me with irresistable ideas whenever I have a deadline to finish something entirely different.)

The pasta will burn out with the first firing, of course. The cylinder - which will, naturally, become a tureen - reads, "Beautiful soup, so rich and green, waiting in a hot tureen," a quote from Lewis Carroll's The Mock Turtle's Song. This pieces pleases me, but I wouldn't want to get too into the phrases and quotes, however, as down that path lie both cutesy and custom, two things I am bound and determined to avoid. I sort of like this way better:

This pot came off the wheel only about a half hour before the photo was taken. Afterwards I lightly paddled to impress the letters more deeply into the clay. The user will have to actually look at the cup to notice that the texture is made up of tiny little letters; and I can imagine that some of the lettters fell in such a way as to form or almost form words. You could spend a good deal of time just turning such a mug in your hands, searching for those secret words.

Okay, back to the real work!

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