Sunday, May 31, 2009

Temporary Table

You know how you always need extra table surface when you are glazing? I found a perfect temporary table at the curb outside a neighbor's house. Of course, I didn't know that's what I wanted it for when I grabbed it, but I knew it must still have some usefulness. Because the summer studio is a small space, even a card table is too big to work around, and there's nowhere to store it when not in use; the ironing board folds up flat and narrow and can tuck under my work bench.

Problem solved, and for free. I love recycling. 


Barbara said...

Creative and effective temporary table.
There is an extremely popular bakery near here that uses ironing boards as outdoor tables because the business got its start when Betty sold her cakes on an ironing board at farmer's markets. Now there is always a line half a block long to get into her bakery. I wish the same good ironing board luck to you.

Linda Starr said...

Wow Lori, that is so creative and very useful. I might starting looking for an ironing board as my studio is tiny and these fit in such small spaces.

I got your mug and I just love it and will be posting about it this week. thanks.

Chrisbeads said...

My ironing board has doubled as an extra desk a couple of times. It is just the right size to squash in beside my chair and the wall, making a sort of "return" on my computer desk and giving me a bit of extra space.