Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Back! Also, Lessons from a Video Game

I wish I could say that I've been hard at work in the studio, cranking out pots, but sadly, no. I did do a firing last week, most of which went to Summer Island Studio, a new store in Brunswick, Maine. The rest of the week was consumed by the IPTOG which has suddenly become more demanding with the departure of a key support employee. So I'll be working more hours for a couple of weeks, anyway. I also wasted an astonishing amount of time playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. Want to join my Mafia? You can find me on Facebook; my real name is Lori Watts, from Augusta, Maine.

Mafia Wars made me think a bit, though, so perhaps it wasn't a complete waste of time. In the game, whenever I earned play money (by, you know, robbing convenience stores and beating up rival gangsters, stuff like that), I immediately invested the money, either by improving my character so as to more effectively rob convenience stores and such, or by purchasing income property or tools of the trade. It occurs to me that I must make a point of doing something analogous with my income from pottery. Instead of letting money from sales be absorbed into the household income stream, I should use it to either improve my skills or increase my sales. 

I'd love to write more but the Don wants to see me about a hit. 


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Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Love it. All those people who say video games and numbing the minds of our society haven't experienced an epiphany while playing a game. Play on.