Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Goal Setting

Yeah, I know May is almost half over; but this is something I want to try to do every month, and it seemed silly to wait until June first. Each month I will create e brief list of achievable goals to complete before the end of the month. Breaking larger goals(Quit IPTOG to be a full-time potter) and more vague goals (make better stuff) into baby steps seems like a good way to make progress. And the goals for May are:

  • Complete my three outstanding orders. Three, not four. The wedding platter just ain't happening, and it's time to admit it. [Edit: Ooops it is four. Forgot about the quiche dishes. Sorry JB!)
  • Finish enough inventory for my seasonal shops, which means two firings by the end of the month, or first of next month.
  • Mix at least one test glaze for each firing. Remember, glaze tests are our friends!
  • List or re-list four items a week on Etsy. I have adjusted my expectations for Etsy, after a period of intense promotion and then frustration. Now I think of it as just anothe consigm=nment outlet, one with a (much) better split, but with a similar yield: a few sales a month. Consignment sales are like the weather: sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn't. You don't beat yourself up if you can't make it rain, but if it's not raining one place, it might be in another, so it's best to have multiple locations. 

These goals are very modest, but as I said earlier, I expect to be working ALOT more hours at the IPTOG, until they have re-staffed. I'd like for the kiln shelter to be on the list, but there just isn't going to be time for that.

Unless I could persuade Doug to do it...? He likes to build things. Oh, honey....?


Linda Starr said...

I am so glad you brought up goal setting. Everything else in my life seems to be getting in the way, (some unavoidable like watering) but I think your method of setting smaller goals would really help me get more done. I am going to try it. Thanks.

Anne Webb said...

Hey I found your new blog location! I thought I was having a moment there! I have to check your link on my site.
Not sure if you're aware, but I moved my blog a few months ago from to when i redid my web site. Anyhow, Thought you might like to update the link you have in your blogroll for me.
All the best!
Anne :)