Monday, February 9, 2009

"Work is great...'s jobs that suck." In my life, this is one of those random thoughts that become an enduring truth. It emerged from a conversation with my best friend, during which I commented on his hobby of devotion. He plays fantasy league sports, which involve following the play and statistics of not one team but every player in the league. He's committed to it, so he often wins; but the money is negligible compared to the time.
"Sounds like a lot of work," I remarked. He laughed.

"Lori, everything you do sounds like a lot of work to me," he replied.

I realized he was right. Pottery, gardening, cycling, and now blogging and home imporvement all demand a meaningful effort, and sometimes require activities that I don't especialy like, such as glaze mixing, or effort when I don't feel like it. But the satisfation outweighs the effort by tons. I am poor by most American standards; I am not conventionally ambitious; but I am by no means lazy. I love to work. Work is great. It's jobs that suck.

"Suck" is a strong work, of course.  The job that I have now (the Inconvenient Part Time Office Gig, or IPTOG) is perfectly fine. It's not difficult, the pay is reasonable, the folks are pleasant, and they are quite flexible and accomodating. But just the fact of having to be where someone else expects me for great chunks of my time makes me wish I could ditch it. (There's a whole 'nother post it the guilt that comes with wishing I could quit, when so many other folks are just wishing they had a job.) But I don't, because of another random, defining thought: You get what is really important to you, whether you know it or not. That's not all you get, naturally; you also get random crap from the random-crap-generator called life. But you get what you really care about, mostly, and you can tell what that is, because it is what you prioritize. Apparently security is one of my prioritites. I can willfully change it, or I can accept it, or even embrace it; probably for now, I'll just think about it some more. 

All this is a long way of saying, I don't have new pots to post, because I've been working full time at the IPTOG, filling in for co-workers vacations. But I do have bunches of thoughts, and will share them all. 

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