Sunday, February 22, 2009

Enough Navel Gazing...

...let's see some pots!

Here are the pots from the firing that wouldn't end. It isn't over yet, either -- still have to finish grinding and washing the shelves. There were the expected sacrificial pieces from the exploding kiln pack, and a couple more will need attention due to soda globs -- I used about 50% more this time. But all in all I'm very pleased with the results, and see no ill effects due to sitting, loaded but cold for several days. A couple close up:

This mug is one of the 100, and that great rarity: a pot that emerges from the kiln exactly as I pictured it when I was making it.

I couldn't resist a shot of the interior of the port. So beautiful!


Jerry said...

That mug and vase are lush. Very nice.

Linda Starr said...

Very toasty colors, so glad the firing went well.