Saturday, January 3, 2009

To Do Today

  • Load Bisque
  • The Great Discard: go through closets and drawers, looking for things to throw and give away - a New Year's tradition.
  • Finish leatherhard ware
  • Throw mugs
  • Post new Etsy item

I have one resolution in addition to these I posted earlier: no more custom work, no matter who asks! It stresses me out, and, no matter what, I can never match the image that is in someone's head, so no one is ever quite satisfied. If a person wants something like a mug or a butter dish, something that I am going to make anyway, fine. 


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

I've also resisted the custom work. Takes all the fun out of it, but helps to pay the bills! I still have an order for plates that has been sitting there for 3 months now... My resolution is to get that done!

Happy New Year!

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

i feel the same way about custom work. I only make things that I already make. But even that is a drag when I have to make it special. I really like to make whatever I feel like making. I wonder if there are many potters who like custom orders. I haven't met one yet...

Lori Watts said...

I've got one left to finish and then, no more. Of course, I've said that before.