Monday, January 5, 2009

100 Mugs in 100 Days

Something I've read lately -- maybe in Ceramics Monthly -- has given me an idea. This has been rattling around in my head since I read it wherever. It's not that it's so difficult to throw 100 mugs in 3 months; the idea is that, by concentrating on one functional form and trying to make each different from the last in a meaningful way, a potter might come up with new forms and ideas.  The guy in the article did 100 mugs in 100 days as a personal challenge, but doesn't it sound like a great event title? At the end of the one hundred days (April 11th by my count), a coffee-with-the-artist type opening, at which the guests employ the mugs, get a chance to talk with the artist (aka me) and hopefully buy a mug. 

I'm gonna do it. I've got the perfect location in mind, with a couple of back-ups, if that one doesn't work out. I also know where I can borrow some of those giant thermos things, the kind where you press a button on the top. Better get to making!

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