Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Progress in Progress

Did I mention I hate kiln building in all its forms? But I do love me some feeling of accomplishment. I've had to break down the task of repairing my arch into extremely tiny baby steps - re-read the chapter, take the measurements, look up the table, buy the plywood, and so on - which is my strategy for dealing with jobs that I dread doing. After enough steps are done the job begins to gain some momentum, and working on it gets easier.

So it is with my arch form! The form is built, and now I need to get some 2 x 4s to prop it up under the remaining bricks of the arch.

Baby steps are all fine and good, but there is some time pressure here - it's almost June & stores are waiting on their summer orders. When I get tired of the whine of the saw & the thunk of the hammer, I retreat to the summer studio to throw. I estimate the repair will be completed by the end of the holiday weekend, and I hope to have enough to fill a bisque shortly after.


Anonymous said...

Lori, don't forget last time you had to burn it out! Hopefully you can save it this time . . . for the next!

smartcat said...

Brave woman, to do this. But then necessity calls.
Toes crossed all goes according to plan.

Lori Watts said...

It's awesome to have the comment function back. If you have a blog, don't show the "show comments on Google Plus" option! It just sends everyone who want to leave a comment on an endless loop.

Welcome back, commenters, I have missed you!