Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's Mug Season Once Again!

Yesterday I delivered mugs to the Downtown Diner in Augusta, one of eight local coffee shops participating in Mug Season, a fundraiser for local arts programs. And local potters, including yours very truly. Here's the list:

Downtown Diner, Augusta, Maine

Slates Bakery, Hallowell
134 Main St, Winthrop
Bagel Mainea, Augusta
Gardiner Food Co-op, Gardiner
Green Bean Coffee Shop, South China 
The Olde Post Office Cafe, Mt. Vernon 
Sheepscot General Store,  Whitefield 

Here's how it works: Stop in one of the shops, buy a handmade mugs (for the low, low price of $18!), get a free cup of coffee. I love the win-win-win aspect of this event: customers get free coffee and a bargain, the shops get customers seeking them out for the Mug Season event, school districts get a little cash, and us? Well, the potters get a check during a time of year when checks are a little thin on the ground. 

Mug Season is brought to you by the Central Maine Clay Artists, and the word WOW. 

Check it out! 


Linda Starr said...

what a great idea for a fundraiser

Lori Watts said...

It really is! It was the seed that started our little "guild" of potters in Central Maine.