Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Done List

I'm a big list maker. Without them I sort of flail around, starting things and then getting distracted. I keep my lists on paper - going to my phone or computer to check a list just gives me another opportunity to get distracted. Usually, I have one to-do list, divided into sections reflecting current goals and priorities. Today, for example, looked like this:

A reasonably doable and balanced to-do list, right? Here's how my done list reads: 

  • Dishes
  • Change bedding 
  • 2 loads laundry
  • Make soup
  • Unclog bathroom sink
  • Clean litterboxes
  • Pay CC1
  • Check balances


Notice anything out of balance? Yeah, me too. Now granted, it's only 10:30 in the morning; plenty of time to get some studio & fitness items in. The point is that I tend to prioritize home tasks over fitness or studio goals. The financial stuff gets done, too, because there are immediate consequences for not doing so, but, ya know, there are no immediate consequences of putting off changing the bedding a few more days. On the other hand I've put that particular task of several times now, and some day has to be the day I do it. None of the items on the "Home" list are busy work; they all needed to be done. It does kind of point up, though, why I never seem to have enough studio time, or workout time for that matter: I put everything else first. I don't think today is an anomaly; quite the opposite. 

The Done List was a very useful exercise for me! I have to be mindful to prioritize my priorities, or, put more simply, put first things first. 

I can now add "Blog Post" to my Done List! Now to off to the studio, to even things out a bit. 


Barbara Rogers said...

I know what it's like. I do half my work at home, and really need to have the studio to drive to and have set hours to work there as well. I need it for the structure, as well as a community of friends that I've worked with for years now. When I tried to work just at home, I was always running off to do housework...which I'd gladly skip if I just put my disciplined mind to it. Nah. But you have beautiful work calling you...come create!

Lori Watts said...

The good thing about having the studio at home is the flexibility. That is also the bad thing. I think it is a personality issue: my husband also has his office at home, and he never seems to find himself sucked into housework! But mess doesn't bother him like it does me.
I used to have an hourly schedule, as if it were a regular job; I need to get back to that.