Sunday, May 1, 2016

And The Winner Is...

The 2016 Maine Pottery Tour is officially at an end.

We had great weather: warm & sunny Saturday, cooler but dry Sunday - the predicted rain held off until this very minute. I had more visitors than last year, but about the same in sales (EDIT: After I counted it all up, it was actually a bit more, about 25% more.) I sold a lot of studio seconds & bargain pots. I am quite content to sell those pots instead of "firsts" - I have other places I can sell the firsts, but the seconds I only sell out of the studio. (Well: Portland Pottery does hold a sidewalk sale event year, and I put a few second-pots in that.)

I also made a contact for a possible workshop, got the name Fine Mess Pottery out to hundreds if not thousands of people, and made some new friends. And - I shit you not - somebody actually did hop on a plane to visit!
Patty & me
Patty Magdziarz of Paradise Bay Pottery came from Arlington Heights, Illinois, to visit several studios on the tour. We should have had a prize for furthest-travelled! Thanks, Patty, for making the trip.

One of the potters on the tour - Cathie Cantara of Homeport Pottery in Kennebunkport had a piece featured in today's's Boston Globe! We don't know for sure how they found her, but I did just send information about the potters on the tour - inlcuding links to out websites - to several lifestyle reporters for the Globe. Maybe it did some good!

And last but not least, the winner of the soda-fired stoneware casserole: Heather Abt, of Portland! Heather was the very first visitor I had Saturday morning, right at 10 am, which set the tone for a successful event! Thanks, Heather, for visiting, and I will deliver your prize next week!

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