Friday, October 16, 2015

What's Up

Foliage is late this year here in Maine, but incredibly beautiful. I had a good chance to see it as the sun was setting yesterday, while I limped my car home at 15 miles per hour on Rte. 201 through Topsham, Bowdoinham, and Gardiner. Beautiful! My favorites are the peachy maples, especially when they still have some green, or are right besides the flaming red ones.

Oh, what's that? I buried the lede? I guess I did, but I thought that anything - even a gushing foliage review - would be more interesting than another story of my car maladies.

Yeah, my car has issues again, which caused me to miss my evening class - Week 1, at that. Sorry, beginners! But the ever-capable Karen Dyer Dicenso jumped in for me. VIP Auto has the vehicle, will find out later today what's up with that. Whatever it is is bound to be spendy - the best I can hope for is "not over my credit card limit."

But, better things are coming:
  • First Friday! Portland Pottery is hosting an opening for Faculty and Staff during Portland's November First Friday event. That's November 6, from 5-8.
  • The Central Maine Clay Artists group have chosen our location for the Holiday Pottery Shop! This is the tenth year, and the shop has come full circle: 100 Water Street, Hallowell is where the group held its first meeting in 2005. We hope to open in by mid-November.

  • The stack is half rebuilt. I am taking it easy, doing just a few courses a day, to avoid dinging up my elbow, which didn't like the repetitive motion involved in taking all those brick down.
 Aaand, just had a call from the mechanic, saying they don't know what it is but it's going to be expensive. Well, that's not exactly what he said, but close enough.


Linda Starr said...

hope your car ends up being not too expensive; I know what you mean two steps forward and always more than that back on the money front, I've got computer problems and house taxes coming due and food prices continue to go up. ugh

Barbara Rogers said...

I'm ready to buy a cow. Wait, aren't I the one who just moved into Senior Apartments? Well, give up butter must be the choice. So sorry your car is out of whack. May your great pottery skills convince the mechanic that he'd really like to barter a set of wedding china or something...sorry, I know that your talents are just as worthy as his are!

Unknown said...

We come 7+ hours' drive up to Readfield for a couple of weeks in July- have done for 25 years- so it is really lovely to see the area in October, through your photos! I assume 100 Water St is in Hallowell?

Stinks about the car.