Saturday, April 25, 2015

Clay TV?

Ugh, I don't know about this:
The Great British Pottery Throw Down is part of a new season of BBC Two season programmes announced on Tuesday.
Made by the team behind The Great British Bake Off, the six-part series aims to find pottery's hottest stars.....the channel hopes The Great British Pottery Throw Down will repeat the success of The Great British Bake Off, which migrated to BBC One.
Cox will be joined by Keith Brymer-Jones and Kate Malone - two of the UK's pottery scene's most renowned potters.
Each week, the 10 contestants will create a "Main Make", wherein the potters hope to translate a slab of clay into glazed glory, culminating in the reveal straight from the kiln.
Those whose clay creations fail to impress will leave the studio until the final, when one person proves themselves to be master of the wheel.
Cox said: "Clay, mess, passionate potters and the team behind Bake Off. What's not to love?
"There's something really raw and exciting about grabbing a lump of clay and creating something unique out of it."
"Pottery's hottest stars." LOL ALL DAY.
I'm not a big reality TV fan in any case. I think it's degrading, boring, and often fake. I hate that it turns everything into a competition, and am not excited to see my passion represented in it. I mean, think of ten fine potters you know. Could you possibly choose a best one? Based on one work, that was made under a time constraint?
Still, silver lining: at least people meeting us for the first time will have some reference other than "Ghost."

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