Saturday, April 26, 2014

Back to the Clay

I've spent the last week on the business end of things - messing with my pricing equation, trying to find new outlets, generally pulling my hair out about the aforementioned.

It's time to get back to clay. And the garden: the things that give me peace.

Sometimes it's hard to get myself into the studio after a stressful patch of unconsummated selling efforts, because I get this why-bother feeling: like, if I don't have anywhere to sell them, making them feels futile. But only until I actually start doing it, and then I remember: Oh, yeah. I don't make them to sell them; I sell them so I can continue to make them.

Also, I do have places to sell them! Right now I am getting the yard and studio ready for the Maine Pottery Tour, which is next weekend! In fact today and part of tomorrow will be my only chances to be in the studio this week; Monday and Tuesday are teaching days, and the rest of the week will be sorting, cleaning, pricing, and all the little errands involved in a big sale. Got change? Bags? Packing material? Better print out some more maps, Business cards, too, and what's the credit-card accepting plan, Squared-up or Paypal? and the garden is so far behind this year (cold winter, late spring!), maybe I should get some annuals to punch up color.
And so on. But that's all later; right now I'm off to make some berry bowls.

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