Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday was a day of note here at Fine Mess Pottery, because the first of the spring orders arrived. I received an order from the veterinarian for whom I make the cat cremation urns - which is not, strictly speaking, a seasonal order, but welcome nonetheless. Shortly thereafter, I got a message from Clare at Monkitree: Sugar bowls! Butterdishes, garlic keepers, mugs! Oh, and bring me anything wonderful that you think I ought to see!

I'm paraphrasing. But two orders in one day: good news indeed! Especially because yesterday morning I drove out the The Artisan's Barn to pick up my work for the last time; Barbara, the proprietor, has had enough. Bummer.

Yesterday was also the first day in ages that we had bright sunshine long enough to photograph pots, in my stone-knives-and-bearskins arrangement in my living room that requires actual sunshine as lighting. So I stopped everything to take some shots.

And, lastly, I taught a make up class for one that was cancelled due to snow. As with many make up classes, it was lightly attended - people often choose their class times because it's the only time during the week that works for them.  The folks who were there were a fun and dedicated group, and we got to spread out a little. I did a demo for them on making a homemade mini silk-screen for slip imagery, which I've written half a blog post about; just need to see the results to finish it.

Today was webwork and trimming platters. Remember in college, when you felt like studying for one class, but you really should have been studying for another, because there was a test tomorrow? So you ended up not studying for either. (Oh wait. That wasn't you. That was me.) I learned from that experience! I really should have been preparing the kiln for the bisque, and finishing the cat urns, but I didn't feel like it. It's chilly in here, because we are trying to make the last few drops of oil stretch until the beginning of March, and I just didn't feel like getting my hands wet. I felt like staying in bed and  processing the shots I took yesterday, and posting them in the pottery shop. I've had a little flurry of web sales, so I needed to replace a few images anyway. So I did that. Here are the new links:

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Porcelain Buttons
Oribe/Bauer Casserole
Tenmoku Mug
I also trimmed the platters I threw the other day, compressed the hello out of them, and re-covered them to dry slowlyslowlyslowly.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow I am back in class with my Handbuilders in the morning and my Beginners in the evening. And in between, lunch with Mom and a trip to the gym!

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