Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Inspiration: Marion Peters Angelica

Last spring I renewed my intermittent subscription to Pottery Making Illustrated. I like the magazine, as well as its older cousin Ceramics Monthly, but magazine subscriptions are not always in the budget. I chose PMI over CM because I am often looking for ideas for class demos; some of my students have taken my classes many times over, and I like to be able to show them something new once in a while.

November's issue features a how-to for slab-built champagnes flutes which are clever and elegant, but easy enough for beginners to do. I demonstrated these for my classes last week, and saw some delightful pieces come out of those sessions.

The author of the article, Marion Peters Angelica, makes tons of amazing slab-built things, in addition to the champagne flutes that were the focus of the article. Lookie here:

See lots more of this potter's amazing work at
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